Cool tight butt

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First bikini ABBA show competitor in October! Working on getting stronger everyday, and training as hard as I can. Fitness addict, bartender, blondie. Bodybuilding is a way of life, an art, and I'm striving to be the best.

I got into it because I love fitness, I love heavy ass weights and sweating until it looks like I showered. Ill break down the cost for you, and the reason I don’t have a trainer is because I’ve been training for years and have good form, technique etc. I do have a coach who simply does my nutrition and he is my friend who didnt charge as much as most.

Coach: 500$

Protein, bcaa, vitamins, fat burner, pre workout, other supplements PER MONTH: 400-500$ (depending on if I’m training once or twice a day.)

Gym membership: 48$/ per month

Show suit/jewelry: 300$

Spray tan: 120$ (for all three pre show)

Makeup/hair (extentions) for show day: roughly 300$ it can depend in how you do your hair

Shoes for show: 50-100$

Groceries: 140$ (EVERY WEEK) I have an extremely strict meal plan and it’s a lot of food.

There are some things I’m missing but I’m sure you understand the general idea that yes it’s very pricey, however their are cheaper ways!


Turn ons: common sense

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